In and Out Of the Garden We Go at Snipes Farm- Morrisville, PA

In and Out Of the Garden We Go
What’s the best part of a festival of Dead cover bands? I’m not sure. Some interesting quirks include an older crowd, fewer people offering me drugs I’ve not heard of, early end time, and guessing which song we’ll hear most. By the end of the two-day event, we heard a few repeats but the highlight was a band that only played one Dead song. The Whiskeyhickon Boys are a Philly trio of drums, bass, and ukulele/ kazoo/ harmonica and they play real deal funk covers. Every classic funk jam you could imagine made an appearance and often morphed into the next classic funk jam. Their Dead contribution was a nice Shakedown which was only outshined by their version of Shoop by Salt-n-Pepa (that’s a funk classic right?).
In And Out Of The Garden We Go takes place on Friday night and all day Saturday at Snipes Farm in Morrisville, Pennsylvania just north of Philly. The space is a functioning farm which also hosts a summer camp and other music events. This is the third time I’ve tried to go and the second time I’ve bought tickets but the first time I went in. They are a small group with minimal communication and vague listings/ promotion so many had unanswered questions. The Facebook posts were connected to specific bands and not the general event, the phone number for questions went nowhere, the ticketing agency knew nothing. A friend connected me with the organizer on Facebook because my second ticket was listed as an RV pass. He asked me to call him when I got to the gate but the crew there just let me in and took the name of a friend I was giving the ticket to.
Once in, everything was great. A small field with six or seven vendors, a single food vendor, and two large shade tents set up for anyone to use. Throughout the day, popups, tarps, chairs, and kids took to the lawn. We watched the show as campers streamed in from behind us. RVs and tents were popping up in the back fields among the trees.
At the end of the first day, we walked to our car and drove out with no issue or traffic. Did I mention the wait to get in was unnecessarily long? Seems to be the case for hippie fests. For the record, larger corporate events take a while to get in but that’s due to more people and issues that arise when said people try to sneak in dumb shit.
Overall, the music was good. Bluegrass, some originals, and of course lots of Dead. The Friday night closer played some interesting selections including a Foolish Heart (which I’d forgotten I liked) and a Liberty (which I remembered I didn’t care about). It was nice to hear different tracks as the summer inundates me with Dead tunes.

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