Beardfest 2018- Hammonton, NJ

beardfest 2018
“New Jersey really has some rural spots doesn’t it?” Not far off the highways, you can get a sense of why NJ is the garden state. We really do have gardens here. Tucked away from the road in the southern part of the state is Beardfest. 40 miles from the coast, 40 miles from Pennsylvania, and at the end of a long dirt road is a campground that is just as quaint and lovely as I left it last year. Hayley Jane and the Primates was the draw last year and Ike Willis sealed the deal. This year, the draw was Moon Hooch and the scenery. Happy to relax amongst the pines, in the water, and near the workshops, we aimed for an early arrival to prevent hiking our gear in. Luckily we managed a site close to the entrance and far from the late night stage.
The lady is newer to glamping and I enjoy the opportunity at these fests although I knock it in other contexts. Our space is not as intense as some but we manage a small kitchen, a large tent with air mattress, folding chairs, and our hammocks. We set up and relax in time for the neighbors to come say hi. A young squad of musicians with their entourage introduced as the band Tweed said hello, shared a seat, and spend quality time with us throughout the weekend. Deep down I hoped their music was good so I could look them in the eye.
Throughout the weekend we relaxed and relaxed some more. The music was great and surprising at times (when did Moon Hooch get so dark?!) and the friends I hoped to see where there. Kiel and Julia (plus the new wee one) Dan De Lion, and Andrea were present with their respective booths offering healing, herbal tinctures, natural products, and clothes. We picked up right where we left off at Permajam last year; another event to look forward to this year.
Tweed turned out to be great. They were introduced by an MC who did a magic trick wherein he produced a dove from an empty bag.


The dove danced the entire set in hands and even on a light up hula-hoop. Standing close to the stage worked for a few minutes but as more people were drawn by the tunes we were pushed back. Imagine 2010s era Disco Biscuits with a drop of new wave added to the sound. Comsat Angels, Gary Newman, that sort of 80s electronic vibe of dark hooks and digital funk. They were great to watch on stage and luckily the photographers (also our new friends) caught some great shots.
Throughout the weekend we saw our new crew in highs and lows. We shared stories, business experience, chemistry experience, and lots of food. Making sure wooks are fed can be a full-timejob but it feels so good knowing they’re kept alive by more than a combination of coke and LSD.
We left before the last night; it felt like a good time to go. We showered and slept in real beds back home and had enough sleep for Father’s Day in the morning.

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